09-Nov-2020  Report of UKM-De La Salle-Toyo Joint Study Project (Fall Semester 2020)

Theme: Immigration/Diversity/Cross-Cultural Issues
Dates: October 24 – 31, 2020

Three UMAP institutions, UKM (Malaysia), De La Salle (Philippines), and Toyo (Japan), collaborated for a joint teaching project, focusing on “Immigration, Diversity, and Cross-Cultural Issues.” The project was started on October 5th by exchanging lectures from three universities. From October 26, 108 participating from three universities, engaged in discussion for a week by using a new online system, Immerse U (Class 2 Class). The students were divided into 18 groups and discussed issues related to immigrants, overseas workers, and refugees. Then, at the final joint class on October 31st, each group engaged in creating posters that raise awareness of the human rights of those immigrants and foreign workers. It was quite an inspiring and enjoyable learning experience for students from three universities.

1. Instructors
UKM: Abdul Latiff Ahmad, Shazlin Amir Hamzah, Balqis Mustafa
DLS: Ron Bridget Vilog
Toyo: Shingo Ashizawa

2. No. of Participants
UKM: 32, De La Salle: 8, Toyo: 68,

3. Student Groups
There will be 18 groups and each group will consist of 6 students.

4. Goal of Joint Project
Each group will create a poster
1) The poster should contain advocacy or a message to raise awareness about the human rights of immigrants or overseas workers.
2) Students can use copyright free pictures or images from various websites.
3) Students create original statements based on discussion among themselves

5. Posters made by students