Some students who study abroad through UMAP exchanges are eligible to apply for UMAP Scholarships.

◆ Canada  


June 19, 2024 Update:  The UMAP Canada Scholarship Program is closed for the remainder of 2024-25. Please check back in April 2025 for announcements about the next round of funding.

Students who apply to UMAP programs to or from Canada may be eligible to receive a scholarship from the Government of Canada.  

With the generous support of Global Affairs Canada, the UMAP International Secretariat currently hosted at Vancouver Community College, is providing funding for study abroad programs (physical and virtual) within the UMAP consortium.   

The UMAP-Canada scholarships are available to Canadian citizen students of Canadian UMAP member institutions to study at UMAP member institutions in other countries AND for foreign nationals from UMAP member institutions to study at UMAP Canada member institutions on an approved UMAP program (physical or virtual) starting between April 1, 2024-March 31, 2025.  Application is by invitation only.  Students must apply and be accepted to a UMAP physical or virtual exchange program. To be eligible for scholarship consideration, all program applications must be made through USCO platform.  Eligible students will be contacted by the UMAP International Secretariat with scholarship application details. 

Please click here for more information.


◆ Taiwan: The UMAP Taiwan Exchange Student Scholarship Program (Program A)  

The UMAP Taiwan Exchange Scholarship Program, funded by the UMAP Taiwan National Secretariat, was established to promote student exchanges between Taiwan and UMAP member countries/territories, and promote cultural and academic exchanges, fostering mutual understanding.  Successful applicants of semester-long exchanges to and from Taiwan will receive an email from UMAP with details about this scholarship.  For more information, please download the scholarship regulations and application form below.  With any questions, please contact the UMAP Taiwan National Secretariat: List of UMAP National Secretariats.