Post-secondary students participating in UMAP exchanges can apply for one or two semester academic exchanges, as well as a variety of short-term and virtual programs offered throughout the year and across the UMAP network.   Each category of program is described, below.  UMAP uses the UMAP Student Connection Online (USCO) platform to advertise available programs as well as receive and review student applications.  Learn more about USCO here.

Semester Programs: Programs A&B

Program A is a multilateral exchange program in which UMAP participating institutions send and receive two students per semester. If any two UMAP institutions would like to exchange more than two students, they may do so by signing a bilateral agreement with one another (See Program B, below, for details).

Participating institutions may accept more inbound students than the maximum number (two) students in return for extra  allocations to send more outbound students in the following semesters.  These additional allocation slots do not expire and may be used at any time.

Exchanges are made between UMAP Participating institutions on a tuition-waiver basis. Programs can last one or two semesters, beginning in either the fall or spring semester.

The host institution waives tuition fees and assists students in securing appropriate accommodations at a reasonable cost.

Program B is a bilateral student exchange made between any two UMAP participating institutions that would like to exchange more than two students. Conditions for the waiver/non-waiver of tuition fees will depend on the host institutions. Programs may be at the undergraduate or postgraduate level can last one or two semesters, beginning in the fall or spring semester.

Participating institutions are encouraged to use the UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS) to facilitate the transfer of earned credits back to the visiting students’ home institutions.

Short-Term Programs:  Program C

Program C consists of short-term (one to eight-week) programs offered by UMAP Participating institutions. Programs are generally offered between July and September, and are available in a wide range of disciplines: cultural studies, language proficiency courses, vocational training, entrepreneurship, and more. UMAP may award scholarships to selected participants going to or coming from specific countries.

Institutions offering Program C may charge or waive tuition fees for students coming from UMAP member institutions in other countries/territories. 

Host institutions decide whether or not to offer credits for Program C. If credits are offered, they can be transferred using the UCTS.

Virtual Programs


UMAP members can offer virtual programs on any topic at any point in the year.  Virtual programs can range from a single week to an entire semester and can include traditional academic content, cultural programming, mentored research or even virtual internship opportunities.  There are no pre-determined deadlines or application cycles.   Virtual programs can be used to share a special area of interest or expertise and can attract international students who might later be interested in applying for an in-person exchange.  

Discovery Camp Program

The UMAP Discovery Camp Program enables UMAP member institutions to showcase their cultures and offer students  a short-term, immersive intercultural experience during breaks in the academic schedule.  Discovery Camps may be offered in-person or virtually and must include content related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Discovery Camp programs are fully sponsored by the host institution(s), who cover the costs of all in-country expenses (accommodation, transportation, meals, etc.)  so that the greatest diversity of students can attend.  Discovery Camps provide UMAP member institutions the opportunity to highlight their countries and cultures to students from across the UMAP network.  

Upcoming Discovery Camps:  Winter 2024

2024 Indonesia ‘Unveiling SDGs in Indonesia’

Past Discovery Camps

2016 Philippines Discovery Camp Philippines
2017 Japan ‘History and Presence of Japanese Culture, Society and the Environment’
2018 Thailand ‘Global Citizenship’ 
2019 Taiwan ‘Contemporary Taiwan’ 
2020-2021 no programs held
2022 Indonesia ‘Airlangga Adventure’
2022 Canada ‘Small Changes, Big Impact’
2022 Philippines ‘Gonô Bong Tëkuy:  Our Common Home, Our Common Humanity’
2023 India ‘UMAP Discovery Camp 2030: The Future is Now’
2023  Indonesia ‘The Globe – Discover Indonesia@Surabaya’
2023 Kyrgyzstan ‘Discover Kyrgyzstan – Country of Heavenly Mountains’
2023 China ‘Experience Amazing China!’

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