On this page you will find current and past offerings for faculty and staff at UMAP member institutions. Check back often to see what is available!

Networking and Partnership Development Initiative (NPDI)

The UMAP Networking and Partnership Development Initiative began in 2021.  The original initiative, a two-part virtual program, was launched in September 2021 with a networking and matchmaking activity for participating member institutions.  The program continues in 2022-2023 with new content and opportunities for partnership activities and collaboration!  Read more.

UMAP Research Net 

UMAP Research Net (RN) promotes research collaboration and facilitates cooperation among member institutions across the UMAP Network. Cross-border higher education opportunities around the world have grown considerably through the mobility of students, academic staff, programs/institutions, and professionals. Driven by this global trend, RN aims to promote academic mobility and collaboration, and to promote effective interaction and exchange among scholars, researchers, and educators across cultures. 

UMAP Research Net announces calls for proposals which are then reviewed by an international panel of reviewers.  UMAP selects the proposals based on their significance, timelines, and relevance to the goals of UMAP.   The 2022 Research Net Competition ran in October 2022 and is held approximately every two years. Please check back for information on future competitions.

2022 Application Guidelines

2022 Call for Proposals

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