USCO system open for student applications

Winter/Spring program offerings are now available live on the website and can be accessed from: We received program offerings from a total of 39 institutions, representing 11 countries across the UMAP region. The period for students to apply and for institutions to nominate them will run from September 16 until October 8, 2021. This is a shorter period than normal, so we ask that all participating institutions spread the word to interested students and encourage them to start on their research and applications as soon as possible.  The listing of participating institutions can be found here.


Networking and Partnership Development Initiative: Now Open!

The UMAP Networking and Partnership Development Initiative (NPDI) has launched and is open to applicants!  

The NPDI is an opportunity for individual faculty from UMAP member institutions to participate in online networking sessions that will introduce them to colleagues from across the world.  Participants will be matched with colleagues with whom they share professional backgrounds, expertise, or collaboration interests.  After these facilitated networking conversations, participants will be invited to follow up with any of the new colleagues that they think they might be interested in working with to develop new online course content based on Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) methodology.  Selected pairs will be invited to join a new online platform for professional collaboration and will receive guidance and training through the development of their collaborative course project. 


The deadline to complete and submit the form will be September 8.  Once we have received all the responses, we will begin the process of identifying potentially productive sub-groups or cohorts based on areas of collaboration or interest among the group.  For the first round of the pilot program, a total of 100 participants will be invited to one of two networking sessions that will be scheduled for September 20th-24th.  

To express interest in participating and to submit details about your professional background and interests, complete this online form.


USCO Application platform opens for Spring 2022 programs!

Participating institutions who anticipate being able to host students for physical mobility programs starting in or after January 2022 can upload their Program A/B plans from now until September 14 for programs that will begin take place in Spring 2022.  The new Timeline can be found below.

Please note that the ability of any institution to send or receive students will depend on national and institutional guidelines at the time when student selection and preparation for travel is taking place.  Ultimately, each student and home/host institution, in consultation with relevant public health orders, will have to decide if it is safe to travel at that time.

As you get ready to log-in to USCO for the first time in a long time, check out our USCO Resources page.   Here you will find short videos showing the step-by-step processes for adding or changing coordinator details, adding institutional information, navigating timelines, and uploading Program A/B information.  


Networking and Partnership Development Initiative

Keep your eyes on this space for announcements about our new pilot program:  the Networking and Partnership Development Initiative (NPDI)!  This two-part initiative will create opportunities for selected faculty from UMAP member institutions to meet one another, identify shared interests, explore opportunities for collaboration, and jointly create Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) course materials.  Full details here.


Continued Hiatus of In-person Mobility Through 2021

Due to COVID-10, in March 2020, The UMAP International Secretariat made the difficult decision to cancel all UMAP programs requiring international travel. At the Spring 2021 virtual Board meeting, the UMAP board agreed to continue the hold on UMAP physical mobility programs through December 2021.  UMAP member institutions are encouraged to share with the UMAP network any virtual program offerings which they develop during this time.  


UMAP COIL 2021 Program — Open for Student Applications

In collaboration with IIGE/Kansai University, we are delighted to announce the UMAP-COIL 2021 Program and call for student applications. The program will run from August 2-September 20, 2021 (pre-required sessions begin July 30) and is focused on the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. 

Approximately 50 students from UMAP member institutions who meet eligibility criteria will be selected to participate in this program.  There are no application or participation fees for UMAP students. Applications  must be received by the indicated contact person by July 1, 2021 (PDT) to be considered by the IIGE/Kansai University selection committee.

For more information on eligibility criteria, the application process, and student application form, please visit the UMAP-COIL program page

For more information about the current and past program content and details,  please visit the IIGE/Kansai University program website.

For all other inquiries, please email 


Canada’s National Secretariat, BCCIE, Executive Director, recognized by AIEA

AIEA Recognizes Dr. Randall Martin with 2021 Charles Klasek Award for Outstanding Service to the Field of International Higher Education


Washington, DC (February 17, 2021) — The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) is pleased to announce Dr. Randall W. Martin, Executive Director of the British Columbia Council for International Education (BCCIE), as the 2021 Charles Klasek Award recipient. The award recognizes his service as a scholar and researcher, educator and mentor, senior administrator and advisor, organizer and advocate within the field of international education.

Conceived as a tribute to Charles Klasek’s outstanding contributions both to AIEA and to international higher education, the Klasek Award is presented each year at AIEA’s annual conference to individuals with a record of long-standing and exceptional service to the field. “Chuck” Klasek was a founding member and the third president of AIEA in addition to his achievements at Southern Illiniois University at Carbondale.

For 33 years, Randall has led an extensive and varied career that has demonstrated his commitment and excellence to international education. Under his leadership, BCCIE became the British Columbia Council for International Education (changing from Centre to Council) and was granted core funding from the BC government in 2008. It then became a Crown Agency of the Province of British Columbia in 2012—the only one of its kind in Canada—mandated to support and provide direction to the international education sector in and for the province, from public and private K-12 and post-secondary as well as the large language-training sector.

Randall has overseen the growth of the sector to greater than a $7 billion enterprise directly employing over 54,000 people. Per capita, BC is the largest and most attractive destination for international students in Canada, and Randall’s work has raised the global capacity, profile and success of BC through professional development, engagement with global associations and the creation of platforms and partnerships with governments and sub-government associations across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

BCCIE has achieved several milestones, including attracting the APAIE conference to Vancouver, for the first time ever outside of Asia and Oceania and the first time ever in the Americas (now postponed due to COVID19 to March of 2022), becoming the National Secretariat for Canada for the UMAP consortium, and becoming a formal Affiliate Member of SEAMEO.

Randall has been an innovator and broken new ground throughout his career. From imagining new models for international mobility, to developing international education programs and projects that were ahead of their time, to building an organization that is recognized as a global leader and innovator in international education. He approaches his work with compassion, dedication and a commitment to equitable access.

AIEA congratulates Randall Martin as this year’s Klasek Award recipient.


VCC assumes International Secretariat role of Asia-Pacific Student Exchange Network

VANCOUVER — Vancouver Community College (VCC) has become the International Secretariat of University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP), overseeing student and faculty mobility to and from those regions.

VCC takes over from Japan’s Toyo University to manage UMAP’s network of more than 600 colleges and universities in 36 countries and territories for a five-year term.

With this role, VCC, and the province, have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in international education both within Canada and globally by encouraging increased student diversity, the development of global competencies among students and strengthened intercultural awareness.

Global Affairs Canada is providing just under $2 million to support both short-term, inbound scholarships for students from abroad into Canadian UMAP member institutions; and for short-term outbound scholarships, for Canadian students at UMAP member institutions in Canada into UMAP member institutions in and around the Pacific Rim.

These activities support all facets of Canada’s International Education Strategy, by increasing Canadian student outbound exchanges; by increasing the number and diversity of students coming into Canada; as well as, increasing the number and type of Canadian institutions that can send and receive international students. They also support exchanges of Canadian students who are typically underrepresented such as, Indigenous students, students from rural and smaller institutions, and students registered in vocational programs. 


Ajay Patel, President and CEO, Vancouver Community College

“We sincerely appreciate the foresight of Global Affairs Canada in supporting VCC as the new host of the UMAP International Secretariat. It not only positions Canada and British Columbia well, but it also exemplifies the diversity and strength of the Canadian academic landscape that a community college can lead student mobility in the most dynamic of global regions.”

Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade

“I am thrilled to support the successful appointment of Vancouver Community College as the new International Secretariat for the UMAP Consortium and welcome the efforts of UMAP to strengthen institutional cooperation and educational mobility between countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region. This initiative will contribute to advancing our government’s International Education Strategy, by enriching our education engagement with a broad range of partners. It will also support Canadian education institutions’ internationalization objectives, strengthen bilateral relationships, and promote Canada’s international trade diversification efforts.”

Randall Martin, Executive Director, BC Council for International Education

“As Canada’s national secretariat for UMAP, we are excited to support VCC as UMAP’s International Secretariat, and we look forward to increasing accessibility and inclusivity of UMAP’s programming to all higher education institutions in Canada. VCC’s appointment recognizes not only Canada as a leader in Asia Pacific academic relations but B.C.’s leadership role in shaping programs and policies in international education.”

Quick facts:

  • The University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) Consortium is a voluntary association of institutions and government and non-government representatives of the higher education sector. It promotes student exchanges, field schools, and online learning opportunities amongst its more than 600 member institutions worldwide.
  • Currently there are 18 Canadian post-secondary UMAP member institutions, representing six provinces and one territory.
  • Based in Vancouver, B.C., Vancouver Community College (VCC) is a publicly funded college in operation since 1965. VCC’s five-year term as UMAP International Secretariat runs from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2025.
  • International student mobility and enrollment has been impacted by the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic and Canadian post secondary institutions continue to follow the direction of public health officials to ensure the safety of both local communities and students returning from abroad.




Media can contact:

Karen Wilson
Executive Director
Marketing and Communications
Vancouver Community College

Chelsey Laird
Senior Manager
Marketing and International Initiatives
BC Council for International Education


UMAP IS c/o Toyo University Short Movie

Special thanks to UMAP Students, Member institutions, National Secretariat, Organizations which supported UMAP activities.

The International secretariat of UMAP c/o Toyo University from 2016 to 2020 will be handed over to British Columbia Council for International Education (BCCIE) in Canada from 2021.

Here is a short movie of UMAP activities for the 5 years Toyo University has been working for UMAP.