Program C “Summer Programs” Information Session

What is UMAP Program C?  Program C consists of short-term (one to eight-week) programs offered by UMAP Participating institutions. Programs are generally offered between May and September and are available in a wide range of disciplines: cultural studies, language proficiency courses, vocational training, entrepreneurship, and more. 

Institutions offering Program C may charge or waive tuition fees for students and may choose whether to offer credit for the program.  Program C is administered through the USCO platform.  UMAP institutions may register program C offerings from now until December 1, 2021 for the first application cycle or February 23, 2022 for the second application cycle.

A Program C Information Session and Q&A  was held on Zoom.  You can watch the recording here.


Discovery Camp: Information Session for Potential Host Institutions/Countries

Beginning in 2022, UMAP is expanding the Discovery Camp model and will offer at least two Discovery Camp cycles per year: Summer and Winter.  Applicants interested in hosting a Discovery camp can choose between offering a virtual or a physical camp.  UMAP hopes to be able to select at least one physical and one virtual camp each year. Ideally one physical camp will be offered in each of UMAP’s geographic regions (Asia and the Americas), plus one virtual program.  Programs must include content related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Interested in applying to host a Discovery Camp?  The hosting application is now open, with a deadline of December 1, 2021 for programs taking place in Summer 2022.  Please use this link to access the application. Applications to host Discovery Camps will be reviewed by UMAP’s Sustainable Development Goals Taskforce.  Please note that this is a competitive process and it may not be possible to select all applicants.

Click here to watch a recording of the virtual information session on hosting Discovery Camps. 


UMAP Expands Country Eligibility

At the October 2021 UMAP board meeting, the Board voted to expand UMAP country eligibility in Central and South America to include:  Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.  We look forward to welcoming representatives from these countries to our consortium in the years ahead!


New Pledge of Agreement Form

At its October 2021 virtual meeting, the UMAP Board approved the use of a newly updated Pledge of Agreement form.  The new form is available for download from the Prospective Members section of this website.  

Previous versions of the Pledge of Agreement form will continue to be honoured and all member institutions with previous versions of the agreement will maintain their membership status. 

New institutions wishing to become members will need to use the new version of the form.  Anyone with questions may contact the UMAP International Secretariat for help.


Going Global: Empowering Virtual Exchange in 2022 and Beyond

Join our colleagues at the American Higher Education Alliance in their Thought Leadership Series focusing on Virtual Exchange.  

As higher education institutions around the world evaluate their new norms for educating students, one thing is clear: things are still differentGoing Global: Empowering Virtual Exchange in 2022 and Beyond is a thought leadership series designed to help faculty and academic leaders incorporate international education experiences into their curriculum without requiring students to travel. Though this approach is particularly timely right now, our esteemed speakers will build the case and demonstrate the value of virtual exchange becoming an integral part of every curriculum and every student’s learning outcomes. Designed to go from a macro to a micro level of understanding, the Going Global series will provide participants with strategies to develop or increase COIL virtual exchange initiatives at their institutions.  Visit the event webpage to register for webinars taking place October 19, November 9, and December 14, 2021.  


USCO system open for student applications

Winter/Spring program offerings are now available live on the website and can be accessed from: We received program offerings from a total of 39 institutions, representing 11 countries across the UMAP region. The period for students to apply and for institutions to nominate them will run from September 16 until October 8, 2021. This is a shorter period than normal, so we ask that all participating institutions spread the word to interested students and encourage them to start on their research and applications as soon as possible.  The listing of participating institutions can be found here.


Networking and Partnership Development Initiative: Now Open!

The UMAP Networking and Partnership Development Initiative (NPDI) has launched and is open to applicants!  

The NPDI is an opportunity for individual faculty from UMAP member institutions to participate in online networking sessions that will introduce them to colleagues from across the world.  Participants will be matched with colleagues with whom they share professional backgrounds, expertise, or collaboration interests.  After these facilitated networking conversations, participants will be invited to follow up with any of the new colleagues that they think they might be interested in working with to develop new online course content based on Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) methodology.  Selected pairs will be invited to join a new online platform for professional collaboration and will receive guidance and training through the development of their collaborative course project. 


The deadline to complete and submit the form will be September 8.  Once we have received all the responses, we will begin the process of identifying potentially productive sub-groups or cohorts based on areas of collaboration or interest among the group.  For the first round of the pilot program, a total of 100 participants will be invited to one of two networking sessions that will be scheduled for September 20th-24th.  

To express interest in participating and to submit details about your professional background and interests, complete this online form.


USCO Application platform opens for Spring 2022 programs!

Participating institutions who anticipate being able to host students for physical mobility programs starting in or after January 2022 can upload their Program A/B plans from now until September 14 for programs that will begin take place in Spring 2022.  The new Timeline can be found below.

Please note that the ability of any institution to send or receive students will depend on national and institutional guidelines at the time when student selection and preparation for travel is taking place.  Ultimately, each student and home/host institution, in consultation with relevant public health orders, will have to decide if it is safe to travel at that time.

As you get ready to log-in to USCO for the first time in a long time, check out our USCO Resources page.   Here you will find short videos showing the step-by-step processes for adding or changing coordinator details, adding institutional information, navigating timelines, and uploading Program A/B information.  


Networking and Partnership Development Initiative

Keep your eyes on this space for announcements about our new pilot program:  the Networking and Partnership Development Initiative (NPDI)!  This two-part initiative will create opportunities for selected faculty from UMAP member institutions to meet one another, identify shared interests, explore opportunities for collaboration, and jointly create Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) course materials.  Full details here.