The UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS) was developed to promote student mobility and simplify the process of transferring credits earned in overseas exchange programs.

The UCTS credit point scale facilitates the conversion of credits between different grading systems. It is based on a calculation of the total number of hours of instruction for the academic period (i.e. one semester or the duration of a short-term program) plus the number of hours that students are expected to participate outside of class, including activities such as homework, reading assignments, group projects, writing final papers, and any other requirements of the program. One UCTS credit hour is equal to 38-48 hours of student engagement, of which 13-16 hours consist of classroom instruction.
Country/Region UCTS Asia Canada/USA Europe Latin America


1 UCTS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1.5 credits 1.5 CLAR
38-48 hrs 38-48 hrs 45 hrs 37.5-45 hrs 37.5-48 hrs
13-16 13-16 15