11-Oct-2022  Concordia 2022: A Month-long celebration of the United Nations

In celebration of the United Nations month, the San Pedro College Internationalization and Linkages (InterLink) Office presents Concordia: Overcoming Barriers To Peace Through Culture.

The following competitions will be held to attain this year’s United Nations Celebration objective of building back together for peace and prosperity by showcasing students’ aptitude and excogitation.

Extemporaneous Speaking Contest BED (Gr4-6), JHS

Essay Writing Contest JHS, SHS, College

Quiz Bee Competition JHS, SHS, College

Flag Making Competition BED (Pre-Gr3)

Photo Costume Competition BED (Pre-Gr3)

Through this event, the SPC InterLink Office aims to strengthen the institution’s relationship with various schools across the globe through collaboration, encompassing students of all levels, from kindergarten to college. The competitions will be open to schools from inside and outside the country.

The program will commence on October 14, 2022, and conclude on November 7, 2022.

Link for the primer: