07-Aug-2021  USCO Application platform opens for Spring 2022 programs!

Participating institutions who anticipate being able to host students for physical mobility programs starting in or after January 2022 can upload their Program A/B plans from now until September 14 for programs that will begin take place in Spring 2022.  The new Timeline can be found below.

Please note that the ability of any institution to send or receive students will depend on national and institutional guidelines at the time when student selection and preparation for travel is taking place.  Ultimately, each student and home/host institution, in consultation with relevant public health orders, will have to decide if it is safe to travel at that time.

As you get ready to log-in to USCO for the first time in a long time, check out our USCO Resources page.   Here you will find short videos showing the step-by-step processes for adding or changing coordinator details, adding institutional information, navigating timelines, and uploading Program A/B information.