Contents of UMAP 25th Anniversary Symposium

Schedule of the symposium


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Contents of the symposium


1. Opening Remarks

Noor Azlan Ghazali (Chairperson of UMAP; Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Kebangsaaan Malaysia)

Makio Takemura (Secretary General of UMAP IS; President of Toyo University, Japan)

Yutaka Tokiwa (Director-General, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT))-Japan

2. Looking Back on 25 Years of UMAP

Ichiro Tanioka (Chairman of the Board of Tanioka Gakuen Educational Foundation, Japan)
[Presentation Slides]Looking Back on the 25 Years of UMAP

Sumate Yamnoon (Chairman of the Sub-Committee on the 3rd 15-Year Long Range Plan on Higher Education (2017-2031) and the 12th Higher Education Development Plan (2017-2021) Office of the Higher Education Commission, Thailand )

3. Seminar

“Impact of Study Abroad, Issues of International Student Exchanges, and the Analysis of Learning Outcomes”
◆Moderator:Hiroshi Ota (Professor, Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
◆Explanation of the Seminar’s Aims by Shingo Ashizawa (Deputy Secretary General of UMAP IS; Professor, Toyo University, Japan)

1)“Erasmus Impact Study” by Uwe Brandenburg (Managing Director, CHE Consult GmbH)
[Presentation Slides]Erasmus Impact Study

2)“The Importance of Learning Outcomes Assessment in International Exchange” by Darla Deardorff (Executive Director, AIEA)
1) “Some Thoughts on Assessing Intercultural Competence”
2) “International Education Outcomes Assessment: A Changing Paradigm”
3) “Building an Interculturally Competent Faculty”
4) “Theory Reflections: Intercultural Competence Framework/Model” by D.K. Deardorff

4. Student Presentations by UMAP Participants

◆Moderator:Haruno Miyata (Professor, Niigata University, Japan)
◆Students who studied under UMAP programs

  • Mr. Yang Wen-Yen

[Presentation Slides]Japan Hiroshima University, UMAP ProgramA

  • Ms. Phairin Chiangmai

[Presentation Slides]My Experience in Taiwan

  • Ms. Eri Kikuchi

[Presentation Slides]My Experience of UMAP Study Abroad Programs

  • Ms. Siew Sue Ting

[Presentation Slides]Experience with UMAP

  • Mr. Alvaro Luis D. Madrazo

[Presentation Slides]UMAP Discovery Camp 2016

5. Panel Discussion

1)New Trends of Inter-University Cooperation in Asia

◆Moderator: Miki Sugimura (Professor, Sophia University, Japan)

  • Chantavit Sujatanond (Director, SEAMEO RIHED)

[Presentation Slides]New Trends of Inter-University Cooperation in Asia, perspective of SEAMEO RIHED

  • Bunlay Nith (Deputy Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Cambodia)

New Trends of Inter-University Cooperation in Asia, the case of Cambodia

  • Hideki Iwabuchi (Director, Officer for International Planning, Higher Education Bureau, MEXT-Japan)

[Presentation Slides]New trends in intercollegiate partnerships in Asia from the Japanese government’s perspective

  • Rosmin Md Amin (Senior Principal Assistant Director, Ministry of Higher Education-Malaysia)

[Presentation Slides]Higher Education Policy and Development in Malaysia

  • Emy Kameta (Third Secretary, Head of Academic, Science & Technology and International Cooperation Affairs-Mexico)

[Presentation Slides]Higher education and its internationalization in Mexico

  • Alex B. Brillantes. Jr. (Commissioner, Commission on Higher Education-Philippines)

[Presentation Slides]Trends of Inter-University Cooperation in Asia Sharing the Philippine Experience


2)Future of UMAP and Prospects of Educational Exchange in Asia Pacific

◆Moderator: Taiji Hotta (Professor, Hiroshima University) ◆Panelists:

  • Angela Yung-chi Hou (Professor, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan)

[Presentation Slides]UMAP and Engagement of Asian Universities-Taiwan Experience

  • Chantavit Sujatanond (Director, SEAMEO RIHED)

[Presentation Slides]Programs and initiatives for Academic Exchanges in Southeast Asia and beyond

  • Ki-jeong Lee (Vice-President, APAIE; Vice-President for International Affairs, Hanyang University

[Presentation Slides]UMAP & APAIE Collaboration

  • Koji Kobata (Professor, University of Fukui)

[Presentation Slides]UMAP and Internationalization of University, Case of University of Fukui