UMAP SSTP (Program C) Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that UMAP will provide selected participants of UMAP Super Short-Term Programs (Program C) with the SSTP Scholarship in 2017. The details of the Scholarship are shown below.

1. Amount:
Each recipient will receive U.S. $800.00 (or the equivalent in their local currency).

2. Number of recipients:
Each country/territory will award the Scholarship to 10 students (80 students total).

3. Conditions:
Only participants who meet the following conditions are eligible for the Scholarship:

1) Students from UMAP member universities who are nominated by UMAP International Secretariat (UMAP-IS) and participate in an SSTP arranged by a UMAP member university.
2) Students who successfully complete the program.
3) Students who submit a “Study Report” to the program coordinator(s) on the last day of the program.

4. Timing of payment:
The Scholarship will be paid in cash at the end of the program. Students who receive the Scholarship must present their receipt to the program coordinator.

5. Selection of SSTP Scholarship recipients:
If the number of participants exceeds the allocation for each country/territory, recipients will be prioritized based on the status of the host university/institution of the SSTP
and that of the participating student’s home university/institution.


Start of Students application for SSTP (Program C)

We are pleased to announce start of Students application for Super Short-Term Programs (SSTP) to be offered by member universities of UMAP.  If you are interested in participating in one of these programs, please review the information on the following website about the programs’ contents, length, available credits, and tuition and other fees before applying.    

The application period will run from 13th April until 15th June 2017.  Please be noted that there are two cutoff dates*, 8th May and 15th June. The application deadline of particular programs are earlier than those cutoff dates and you need to apply in a timely manner depending upon the deadline of each program.
*Cutoff dates: Applications arrived to UMAP International Secretariat are to be sorted and nominated to each host university.

To apply, please complete the following two steps before the cutoff date:  

  • APPLICATION — Students complete the application form for the desired programs in WORD format and submit it to the UMAP Coordinators at your home university/ institution. The application form can be downloaded from the UMAP website ( ). UMAP Coordinators collect the submitted applications and send them all together to UMAP International Secretariat via email at .

  • REGISTRATION — UMAP Coordinators register coordinator’s name, home university, program(s) their students would like to apply for, and other information on UMAP’s super short-term programs registration webpage (To find the link, please go to; ). 

  • For the more information for the procedure: Application Procedure for Program C 2017

To Students, please DO NOT SEND your application directly to UMAP International Secretariat! We don’t accept them from students. Please contact UMAP Coordinator at your university. If you don’t know the person, please ask the person in charge of International Student Exchange at your home university.

The UMAP SSTP (Super Short-Term Programs)  Scholarship
UMAP provides selected participants of Program C (Super Short-Term Programs) in 2017 with SSTP scholarships. Information on the scholarship will be announced on the News section of this website by the end of April 2017.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from this website .



Participation in the APAIE 2017 Conference & Exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

UMAP will be participating the APAIE 2017 Conference & Exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan from 20-23rd March, 2017.

UMAP will set up a booth to promote its activity to participants of APAIE, and will have two presentation sessions of interim research outcome by two research group which were selected as UMAP Research Net 2016.
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Students application for the second cycle of Program A&B 2017-1

We are pleased to announce that students’ applications for the second cycle of Program A&B 2017-1 have just started today. We would like to share the information regarding the application procedure for those programs with you. Please see the attached letter for details.
 【Click to Download】Detail of the Application Procedure
【Click to Download】Application Schedule for Program A&B 2017

The deadline for the application is March 5th 2017.

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Call for Outline of Proposal for Program C (Super Short-Term Program) 2017

We are pleased to announce that we are now gathering program information for Program C (Super Short-Term Programs; SSTP). We’ve attached the program information form, “Outline of Proposal for Program C (Click to Download)” for you to fill out. Once you have filled it out, please send it back to us. The deadline for submitting program information is 31 March 2017.
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Season’s Greetings from UMAP!

Season’s Greetings from UMAP!

Year 2016 marked UMAP’s 25th anniversary. We were fortunate to initiate new activities such as UMAP Discovery Camp 2016, and were also able to hold a symposium to commemorate the 25th anniversary with many of you in the UMAP network as well as our friends and guests.

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all of our members for your kind support and cooperation over the past year.

We wish you a joyful holiday season and prosperous New Year!
(Kindly note that UMAP International Secretariat will be closed from December 27 through January 5 for the New Year holidays.)


Grantees of UMAP Research Net 2016

Following 2 research project was selected and approved by the UMAP Board in the 2nd UMAP Board Meeting 2016 on September 22nd, 2016.

They will be giving a presentation on their interim outcome during the APAIE (Asia-Pacific Association for International Education) Conference and Exhibition on March 22nd-23rd, 2017.
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Presentation in KAFSA/KADIA Joint Meeting

Professor Shingo Ashizawa (Deputy Secretary General of UMAP / Professor, Toyo University) gave a presentation at the joint meeting of KAFSA (Korean Association of Foreign Student Administrators) and KADIA (Korean Association of Deans of International Affairs) held in Jeonju, Korea on December 8th, 2016. 
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【Application Period Started】The 1st Cycle of Application for Program A&B 2017-1

We are pleased to announce the start of the first cycle of application to Programs A&B (for Fall Semester 2017).

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