Student Application for UMAP Program A&B 2018-1 has started

Dear Students who plan to apply for UMAP Program A&B 2018-1 (for Autumn Semester 2018)


We are pleased to announce the start of student applications for Programs A&B 2018-1 (Autumn 2018). If you are interested in participating in one of these programs, please review the information on the website ( ) about the programs’ contents, length, available credits, language requirement and fees before applying.

The common application form for Programs A&B is available on the UMAP website ( The application deadline for UMAP Coordinators at your home university is 19 December 2017 for the first cycle*, and 5 March 2018 for the second cycle* respectively; therefore, you need to submit your application according to the adapted schedule of your home institution.

*(Note): UMAP offers two cycles of applications for Program A&B of each semester. The second cycle is for additional programs offered by both the member universities and universities that still have spots available after the initial application cycle. UMAP-IS will continue to upload the programs of those universities.


 For the acceptance of students’ applications, the following two steps must be completed:

APPLICATIONStudents should complete the application form for their desired program in WORD format and submit it to the UMAP Coordinator at their home university/institution. Once the UMAP Coordinators receive the UMAP Application Form from their students, they will select which students to nominate to the UMAP International Secretariat (UMAP-IS) and send all selected application forms to the UMAP-IS by email at

REGISTRATIONCoordinators need to register the information of each applicant at the designated page on the website ( )


Please note;
1.  Only those students whose universities have sent the “Outline of Proposal” to participate in this program are eligible to apply to other participating universities. Please confirm the list of participating universities by checking the website (

2.  A maximum of two (2) students can be nominated by each university per semester; regardless, it may be possible to nominate additional students on a fee-paying basis depending on the policies of the host institutions. 

We look forward to receiving many applications.


Call for Program A&B 2018-1 (Autumn 2018)

We are now collecting program information from member universities. The deadline of submitting “Outline Proposal” is 16 October 2017. The form of “Outline Proposal” is located at (

Please note;
(1) Universities in Full Member country/territory, that have signed the “Pledge of Agreement” are able to participate in the program.

 (2) Those universities that offer their programs by sending back “Outline of Proposal” are able to send their students to other participating universities.


Participation in the 6th APEC Conference in Vladivostok, Russia

On September 6th, 2017, Dr. Takashi Sekiyama, Executive Director of UMAP IS, was invited as a guest speaker to the 6th APEC Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education which was held in Vladivostok, Russia. During the plenary session, there was a discussion of new challenges and opportunities for higher education in the Asia-Pacific. In his address, Dr. Sekiyama spoke about how UMAP’s programs, goals, and scholarships have helped to promote cooperation within the Asia-Pacific region. The conference was an excellent opportunity to strongly appeal for further exchange participation from non-UMAP member countries.



For more information:

(Video presented about UMAP starts from the time “01.14.23”, which lasts about 15 minutes )


Please refer to the file below for Dr.Sekiyama’s presentation:

thumbnail of 6th APEC CCHE Plenary_Introduction to UMAP




Updated Amendments

Dear UMAP Members,

Greetings from UMAP International Secretariat! 

We are pleased to inform you that the revised Pledge of Agreement and UMAP Constitution have been updated. Please refer to the two documents for the amendments approved in the UMAP 2nd Board Meeting held on August 17th, 2017.

The new UMAP Organizational Chart can be found in the About UMAP page.



UMAP Summer Program 2017 in Japan


Toyo University and Niigata University co-hosted the UMAP Summer Program 2017 in Japan. Students stayed in Tokyo from August 14th to 19th while the remaining half of the program is being in Niigata from August 20th to 26th. Through the 2017 Summer Program, students were able to learn about both the Japanese traditional and modern cultures in comparison to their own through various engaging activities.



Toyo University Page:

Top Global University Page: