*Please note that the application for Program A&B in 2018 has ended. Details of the application period for 2019 will be published in April 2019.


Program C

Uttaradit Rajabhat University

Uttaradit Thailand

Uttaradit Rajabhat University (URU) was founded in 1936 as The Teacher Training College of Uttaradit.  The College was given seventy six acres of land and the mission to train primary school teachers for the benefit of the region.  The name was later changed to Uttaradit Teacher College, and in 1976 its curriculum design was revised and upgraded.  Its new mission was to confer a formal Bachelor’s Degree for prospective teachers.
On February 14, 1992, His Majesty the King Bhumibhol designated all Teacher Colleges as Rajabhat Institutes and Uttaradit Teacher College was named Uttaradit Rajabhat University (URU).  This royal declaration allowed all Rajabhat Institutes to expand their course offerings and to grant bachelor’s degrees in non-teaching as well as teaching fields.  


27 Injaime Road, Tha-it Subdistrict, Muang, Uttaradit, Thailand
66-55-416601 ext 1861
Mobile Phone +66 89 960 6664
66-55-416601 ext 1866

◆UMAP Contact Person

Ms. Kunrawi Klinklan (KK)
International College, Uttaradit Rajabhat University

◆Program Information

The intensive 3 weeks program of Thai Arts and Culture is about 1) basic Thai language, 2) Thai culinary (main dish, desserts and herbal drinks), 3) Thai boxing 4) Thai classical dance and 5) Thai etiquette and 6) Thai fabric weaving and natural colour dying.

The general aim of the program is to provide understanding of Thai culture and arts for members of countries and territories in the Asia- Pacific region
·Degree Level
Open to all students
·Language of Instruction
English (with Thai) *with supports from buddy students
·Requirements (Language Proficiency, etc)
Ability to command in English
·Number of credits to Transfer
University Credits: 3
·Teaching Hours (Weekly)
45 hours
·Independent Study Hours (weekly)
15 hours
·Student's Total Workload (weekly)
60 hours
·Program Fee
30,000 + field trip (3,500) = 33,500 Thai baht, which includes food and drinks on reception and farewell, cooking lab and material for all classes.

·Accomodation Fee
On Campus: -
Off Campus: N/A
·Medical / Health Insurance Fee
Required Life Insurance (500-1,000 Thai baht)
·Assistance for Visa Application
URU provide a staff to assist exchange students to apply for a visa. We have an immigration office on campus (Uttaradit Immigration Office). However students are required to pay for a visa fee.
·Any service or assistance
Airport pick up and transfer from Pitsanulok Airport or Sukhothai Airport (on the co-indicated date).

◆Program Schedule

Length: 3 weeks
From: 18 June 2018
To: 8 July 2018

◆Application Period for the university

From: 7 April 2018
Until (Deadline): 8 May 2018


Minimum 5 participants and Maximum 25 Participants

Application Submission Deadline to UMAP-IS: 8 May 2018