*Please note that the application for Program A&B in 2018 has ended. Details of the application period for 2019 will be published in April 2019.


Program C

Payap University

Chiang Mai Thailand

Imagine studying with classmates from Japan, Korea, Bhutan, Vietnam, Jamaica, Brazil and Sweden. At International College, this dream has become a reality for many students; this is why we are proud to be able to call ourselves a truly multinational university. We believe that it is the diverse student body, passionate teachers and vibrant city that makes International College at Payap University different from the rest. As Thailand’s first private university, we are proud of our long history. We have continued to build on the distinctive characteristics that make us truly international. As a well-established private institute, we have welcomed students from over 30 countries into our five undergraduate and three graduate programs at the International College. Our small class sizes guarantees a high level of tuition where you will not be just a number to your lecturers. In each department you can expect five full-time instructors who are ready to share a wealth of knowledge. Our instructors come from all corners of the world. With years of teaching and research experience, as a student you will be guided carefully through your university career. Being a student is not however just about studying and lectures. We encourage local interaction through community based initiatives. Our students are active members of the community and purse a number of extracurricular activities which helps expand their minds outside the classroom whilst helping others. Our Student Union’s main focus is to inspire motivation and a strong community feel. Clubs such as Game Night, Inter-department Sports Days, Movie Night and International Day are all highlights of activities our students enjoy over the academic year. There are many exciting opportunities waiting, make International College at Payap University your home from home.

Mae Khao Campus, Chiang Mai, 50000, Thailand
country code +(66)53 851 478
country code +(66)53 851 478

◆UMAP Contact Person

Mr. Michael Meallem
International Affairs

◆Program Information

The Social Entrepreneurship is a four week program offered by Payap's Center for Social Impact with the aim of empowering young change agents to scale their social impact through a focus on alternative ways of doing business that develop innovative approaches to some of today’s major social problems. The program combines clasroom learning with real world experiences through field visists to local social businesses and guest speakers from related fields in addition to providing a cultural context with expert lecturers sharing the history, language, social structure and culture, religious life, and artistic spirit of Thailand.

The first part of the program will provide students with a contextual framework covering some of the major global social problems, with a focus on poverty and inequality, as well as introducing students to the ideas of sustainable development, community development and fair trade.

The reminder of the program will focus on guiding students through the process of creating a social enterprise. Students will be challenged to identify solutions to social issues and then develop a business idea that both delivers social impact as well as financial returns. Students will learn how to screen solutions, analyze their beneficiaries expected experience, identify required capabilities, evaluate stakeholder impacts, frame and scope their venture as well as develop financial success indicators.

About Social Enterprise

Social enterprise is a business model that puts people and community first, ahead of private or personal gain, while operating in a commercially viable and sustainable manner. Social enterprise is committed to social justice, social inclusion, enhancing quality of life, building community spirit and providing affordable and accessible services. Ownership of the enterprise is within a community, or amongst people with a shared interest and surpluses generated by the enterprise are reinvested to further their social objectives.


·Degree Level
For undergraduate students
·Language of Instruction
·Requirements (Language Proficiency, etc)
TOEFL 500 (PBT) or equivalent
·Number of credits to Transfer
University Credits: 3
·Teaching Hours (Weekly)
·Independent Study Hours (weekly)
·Student's Total Workload (weekly)
135 Hours
·Program Fee
*Including tuition, housing, local transportation, activity fees BUT not visa or flights
·Accomodation Fee
On Campus: Included
Off Campus: N/A
·Medical / Health Insurance Fee
Required (by student)
·Assistance for Visa Application
No special visa required for short stay programs - Student should apply for a tourist visa

◆Program Schedule

Length: 4 weeks
From: 1 August 2018
To: 31 August 2018


Minimum number of participants for the Program: 5 persons

Application Submission Deadline to UMAP-IS: 8 May 2018