09-May-2022  Online Exchange Program (OEP), call for participation Fall 2022

Toyo University, Japan, as Secretariat for the Online Exchange Program (OEP) is pleased to announce the call for participation for the Fall 2022 virtual education program.  

Each participating institution is asked to offer one to five courses for the OEP. For the fall 2022 semester, participating institution are asked to select courses related to the SDGs or environmental issues. There is no need to create new academic courses.

These are the guidelines for the program:

1. Courses available through OEP are preferably live online academic courses that offer opportunities for student interaction. The course topic of the OEP programs should be related to SDGs or environmental issues.

2. Each faculty/department/institution offering courses through OEP is recommended to offer one to five courses and at least two seats per course to exchange students. Each faculty/department/institution can then send the same number of students to other participating institutions. With the permission of the host university, it is possible to send a number of students that exceeds the home institutions’ capacity to receive OEP students. The tuition fee should be waived.

3. Students can apply for up to four courses and enroll in up to two at the same time from the course list offered by participating universities. This condition aims to increase the number of participants in OEP courses and provide students with as many opportunities as possible to participate.

4. As a general rule, students are not permitted to cancel or withdraw from a course for which they have been accepted. If a student cancels because of force majeure, contingent reasons, or personal reasons, the student is required to inform the persons in charge at the host institution, as well as the OEP secretariat (Toyo University) through the student’s home university/institution.

5. After the completion of the semester, host institutions are required to report to the OEP Secretariat at Toyo University on the completion status of the participating students (including UCTS credit conversion). Host institutions are requested to provide the same kind of transcript of records that they issue regularly to exchange students. Students and home coordinators will convert the credits to UCTS. For information about UCTS, please refer to:

To participate in the OEP, complete the Outline of Proposal Form and return it to Toyo University by June 23, 2022.

Students may apply from July 11-July 24, 2022.  Students submit applications through home institution coordinators, who will communicate via email with participating institutions.  This program is not based in the USCO system.  

For more details, please visit: