14-Mar-2022  ECO-LEAP Environmental Summit 2022: University of the Immaculate Conception, Davao City Philippines


March 25-26, 2022 – 12:30 Pm (GMT+8)

THEME: “A jump towards environmentalism amidst the pandemic”


The University of the Immaculate Conception in Davao City, Philippines in collaboration with the University Student Government and PharmChem CARES, will organize ECO-LEAP: Environmental Summit 2022 with the theme, “A jump towards environmentalism amidst the pandemic” in accordance with the Laudato Si goals of the university as well as to combat the signs of times during the pandemic. This summit aims to gather delegates across the world to convene virtually in order to bring about environmental awareness amidst this pandemic. As the world experiences the dire consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will have the opportunity to explore the global outbreak’s positive and negative environmental impacts.



1. To raise awareness and develop a deep understanding of the environmental challenges faced during the pandemic;

2. To gather student delegates to implement environmental cause in this time of the pandemic,

3. To develop specific steps/ideas for dealing with current environmental issues,

4. To conduct a plant a tree project to promote the importance of reforestation,

5. To introduce a reusable system to reduce disposable wastes, protect the environment, and reduce costs,

6. To respond to the goals of Laudato Si implemented by this university,

7. To outline possible ways to achieve long term environmental sustainability and benefits.



The ECO-LEAP: Environmental Summit 2022 will serve as an avenue for the participants across the world to convene virtually in order to bring about environmental awareness amidst this pandemic. The summit allows delegates to explore the areas in which they are most enthusiastic about choosing an emerging issue that is most suited to their advocacy goals. The initiatives obtained from the event will have an influence not only on the delegate, but also on the Mindanao community. The underlying benefits include:

– Promote environmental awareness

– Expand knowledge and analytical thinking

– Develop Creativity Skills

– Develop sustainable lifestyle

– Promote proactiveness



1. This challenge is open to all delegates of ECO-LEAP: Environmental Summit 2022,

2. The photo concept must follow the theme “Our environment amidst the Pandemic,”

3. Photo most be in JPEG format with at least 250 dpi (it can be in portrait or landscape format),

4. Photo most not contain any copyrighted material,

5. Entry must not contain date stamps, watermark or any text on the image,

6. Minimalist, abstract, digitally filtered, or any strategies are allowed in this challenge.

7. Photo captions must be one to three (1-3) sentences long which explains or describes the photography.

8. All entries must be submitted to its respective Google Drive link (which will be provided by the Project Core Committee) on or before March 20, 2022 (12 midnight).

9. The photo file must be named according to the university and country with the participant’s name (Ex. UIC_Philippines – Aliyah Grace Zarza).

10. Once participants submit an entry, they automatically give consent for their entry to be posted and played on any of the social media accounts of the summit organizers and during the second day of the summit (March 26, 2022).

11. People’s choice award will be based on the entry’s number of likes in the Facebook Page from March 21 – March 24, 2022.

12. Failure to follow any of the given mechanics would mean DISQUALIFICATION from the competition.

13. The Project heads have the absolute discretion to adopt supplemental rules and guidelines for this competition as it deems appropriate and decide on any issues which may not be expressly addressed in these specific guidelines. The decision is FINAL.



– Adherence/Appropriateness to Theme – 40%

– Uniqueness of Concept, Originality, and Clarity of Expression – 20%

– Humor, Creativity, and Innovative Means of Delivering Message – 20%

– Technical Execution, Visual Appeal, and Artistic Merit – 20%


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