16-Oct-2021  International E-Service-Learning Program, Ateneo de Davao

This coming November, we hope to invite your students to our third iteration of the International Electronic Service Learning Program (IE-SLP) entitled: Hábi: Service-Learning towards Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together.”

This virtual program is deeply aligned with Ateneo de Davao’s mission of social justice, community engagement, and intercultural understanding.  In this service-learning program, student participants are empowered as youth leaders and young advocates to engage with and share the advocacies of Ateneo de Davao’s partner communities in Mindanao. Such advocacies include peacebuilding, empowerment of vulnerable groups (women and children), and indigenous education.

The IE-SLP is a 4-week virtual service-learning program that provides a virtual space for holistic formation through intercultural dialogue and meaningful transnational encounters with our partner communities.

As inspired by the “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together”, this November cycle’s theme further invites participants “to remain rooted in the values of peace, to defend the values of mutual understanding, human fraternity, and harmonious coexistence.” The IE-SLP aims to develop young leaders with the principles of social justice and reconciliation and nurture their skills to transform their own communities.

 We extend this invitation to participate to you and your student nominees, with the hopes that we can share this avenue for distanced learning and remote service immersion. We truly hope your students can join us.

The call for nominations is ongoing.  Please click here for complete detailsWe are also open to arranging a Zoom meeting to discuss our service-learning program further with you. We would be happy to meet you within this week or the next to explore how this special program can better host you and your students.