02-Apr-2019  UMAP Discovery Camp 2019


  1. Name of Program: UMAP Discovery Camp 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan

  2. Organizers:
    1. Ministry of Education (Taiwan)
    2. UMAP Taiwan National Secretariat
    3. Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan)

  3. Dates: August 4 – August 17, 2019

  4. Venue: Fu Jen Catholic University

  5. Theme: Contemporary Taiwan

  6. Objectives:
    1. To fulfill UMAP’s mission of enhancing international understanding by boosting student mobility between UMAP member countries.
    2. To offer students opportunities to learn about the cultures, environment, and society of Taiwan in English.
    3. To encourage students to be socially aware, active global citizens through engagement and participation in discovery camp activities.

  7. Content:
    UMAP Discovery Camp 2019 consists of two major components: (1) the economy; and (2) society/culture. The economic component includes three lectures which discuss Taiwan’s past economic achievements, current challenges, and future prospects. Field trips are included as an accompaniment to the lectures, so students can have an up-close view on the latest economic developments in Taiwan. The social/cultural component of the program introduces the history and society of Taiwan, as well as how Western culture has merged with more traditional cultures here. The topics covered include history, religion, and indigenous cultures.

  8. Participants: A total of 40 students may participate
    1. 30 international students from UMAP Member Countries.
    2. 10 local students.

  9. Fees:
    1. Costs associated with the courses, field trips, visits, and accommodation are covered by the organizers.
    2. Participants are responsible for arranging travel to and from Taiwan and for expenses such as health insurance, meals, commuting, and other personal expenses.

  10. Credit & Certificate
    Students who complete the entire program (i.e. all lectures and activities) will earn 4 credits (72 study hours) as well as a Certificate of Participation issued by UMAP Taiwan National Secretariat.

  11. Eligibility An applicant must:
    1. Students who are currently enrolled in academic institutions participating in UMAP’s pledged institutions or whose Pledge of Agreement (PoA) is scheduled to be confirmed during 2019.
    2. Be 18 years of age or older;
    3. Have a good command of the English Language and able to submit proof of one of the following proficiency scores*:
      1. IELTS: overall score of 5.0 or
      2. TOEFL: overall score of 61 iBT / 173 CBT / 500 PBT or
      3. TOEIC: overall Score of 650 or D. Score on another English proficiency test equivalent to the those mentioned above.

        *A student who meets either of the conditions below is exempt from the proficiency test requirements above:
        1. The student is a native English speaker or a citizen from a country in which English is an official language; or
        2. English is the primary medium of instruction at their university/institution.

    4. Be willing to attend and participate in all lectures and activities included in UMAP Discovery Camp 2019.
    5. Be physically fit to travel and able to engage in all activities.
    6. Obtain a visa/permit to enter Taiwan if required.
    7. Purchase international health insurance in their home country which covers both illness and accidents.

  12. How to Apply:
    Step 1 – Each pledged institution may nominate up to 2 students through this link:
    Step 2 – After receiving nominations, the UMAP Taiwan National Secretariat will notify applicants to complete the application process.
    Step 3 – The Taiwan National Secretariat will announce the list of successful applicants.
    Step 4 – Successful applicants will submit copies of their passport and overseas health insurance via email.

  13. Required Documents:
    1. Online application form.
    2. Complete official transcripts from home university (i.e. all semesters).
    3. Statement of purpose.
    4. A recommendation letter from a faculty member of their home university/institution.

  14. Important Dates:
    1. Nomination Deadline: April 30, 2019
    2. Application Deadline: May 15, 2019
    3. Announcement of successful applicants: May 30, 2019

  15. Contact:
    UMAP Taiwan National Secretariat (Fu Jen Catholic University)
    Tel: +886-2-2905-6370

  16. Program Schedule
    The Taiwan NS reserves the right to adjust the schedule at any time due to weather conditions or events outside of our control.