10-Apr-2018  Participation in APAIE 2018 Conference

On March 27-28, UMAP participated in the APAIE 2018 Conference at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Three sessions were held by UMAP members on the following topics:

*Presentation files are available from the links below
(1) Harmonizing Disparate Credit Transfer Schemes and New UCTS
        By Prof. Taiji Hotta
(2) The Future of Regional Cooperation and Student Mobility
        By Dr. Victoria Panova, Mr. Tomohiko Hikichi, Dr. Jaeho Hwang,  Prof. Shingo Ashizawa
(3) University Mobility Networks in Asia: What are they good for? 
        By Prof. Shingo Ashizawa (File 1), Dr. Taiji Hotta (File 2), Dr. Imran Ho Abdullah (File 3), Prof. Christopher Ziguras

The UMAP sessions at the conference were a tremendous success with a total of 130 attendees present.