21-Aug-2017  UMAP International Forum 2017 Held at Toyo University

The UMAP International Forum 2017 was held at Toyo University on August 18th and 19th, 2017


On August 18 and 19, 2017 UMAP International Secretariat, in collaboration with Japan Association for International Student Education (JAISE) held the UMAP International Forum 2017 at Toyo University (Tokyo, Japan). More than 150 professors, scholars, government officials, and other delegates from throughout the Asia-Pacific region attended the Forum. Exploring “Trends and Prospects of Student Mobility and Support in the Asia-Pacific Region,” the Forum was a tremendous success.







Plenary of the International Forum


In their keynote addresses, Prof. Christopher Ziguras (the International Education Association of Australia; RMIT University), Dr. Christine Farrugia (Institute of International Education (IIE)) and Ms. Jacquelyn Hoult (Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE)) shared their experiences and perspectives on student mobility.


From left to right: Professor Christopher Ziguras, President, the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA), on “Quantitative Development and Quality Enhancement in Mobility in Asia and the Pacific”; Dr. Christine Farrugia, Deputy Head of Research, Institute of International Education (IIE) on “Analyzing Big Data in Student Mobility”; Ms. Jacquelyn Hoult, Director, Communications, Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) on “Learning Beyond Borders: National Agenda for Inspiring Mobility”


Following the keynote speeches was a panel discussion on “Future Development of UMAP”. In an open and amicable atmosphere, the esteemed panel shared innovative ideas initiated and had a fruitful discussion.


Panel discussion


Secretary General, UMAP International Secretariat and Toyo University President Makio Takemura delivers the closing remarks of the International Forum


1. Follow-up Workshops (August 19)


In the morning of August 19, the UMAP International Forum continued with workshops on “Why UMAP?”, “Meet UMAP Members” and “Good Practice of Education and Employability with Career Design”.


Workshop Room 1 discussing “Why UMAP?” and “Meet UMAP members”


Highlighting ideas made in the International Forum, positioning UMAP in the region, and mapping out UMAP journey of development, the workshops engaged 25 delegates in defining UMAP’s current problems, showcasing UMAP’s strengths, and proposing initiatives for growth.


Workshop Room 2 discussing “Good Practice of Education and Employability with Career Design”


The workshops not only examined different angles of student mobility, but also facilitated the exchange of insightful views for helping youth prepare for their future careers.


2. Excursion to Edo Museum


During the afternoon of August 19, the International Forum concluded with a trip to Tokyo’s Edo Museum.



UMAP would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined us for the UMAP International Forum. Because of your attendance and active participation, the UMAP International Forum 2017 was a huge success.



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