28-Apr-2017  UMAP SSTP (Program C) Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that UMAP will provide selected participants of UMAP Super Short-Term Programs (Program C) with the SSTP Scholarship in 2017. The details of the Scholarship are shown below.

1. Amount:
Each recipient will receive U.S. $800.00 (or the equivalent in their local currency).

2. Number of recipients:
Each country/territory will award the Scholarship to 10 students (80 students total).

3. Conditions:
Only participants who meet the following conditions are eligible for the Scholarship:

1) Students from UMAP member universities who are nominated by UMAP International Secretariat (UMAP-IS) and participate in an SSTP arranged by a UMAP member university.
2) Students who successfully complete the program.
3) Students who submit a “Study Report” to the program coordinator(s) on the last day of the program.

4. Timing of payment:
The Scholarship will be paid in cash at the end of the program. Students who receive the Scholarship must present their receipt to the program coordinator.

5. Selection of SSTP Scholarship recipients:
If the number of participants exceeds the allocation for each country/territory, recipients will be prioritized based on the status of the host university/institution of the SSTP
and that of the participating student’s home university/institution.