28-Mar-2023  Vietnam National Secretariat invites UMAP members to join UPM Stars Rating System

Developed at Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), UPM is an endorsed rating system that uses an internationally transparent methodology and assessment team to assess different criteria at the institutional or program level while taking into account the diversity and dynamism of the higher education sector by experts from the ASEAN region and beyond. The rating system evaluates institutions through seven categories, each with corresponding weight: Strategic Ambition, Education, Research, Innovation, University Ecosystem, Digital Transformation, Internationalization, and Community Services. The findings will be summarized with an overall rating of 1-5 stars and 5 stars ELITE. A similar methodology is applied to assess the program levels. For a full introduction to the UPM methodology, please visit

UPM is a benchmarking tool for strategic development, as well as evidence-based branding for potential partners and students. It provides useful information to support cross-border cooperation and regional networking. Rating at the program level also encourages universities with comparable ratings and interests to establish global partnerships supporting student mobility, research development, grants,  educational process, and curriculum development.

After a year of official implementation, UPM has rated almost 100 universities and programs from the ASEAN region (Brunei, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam), Taiwan, and the United States ( 

For UPM Self-Evaluation Report, please click here.