04-Nov-2022  UMAP-COIL Training Program 2022-23 – Apply now to participate!

The UMAP Networking and Partnership Development Initiative continues into 2023, following two successful virtual networking sessions with UMAP members from around the consortium. 

In Phase 2 of the initiative, interested participants are invited to apply for the “UMAP-COIL Training Program” a three-week online Introduction to COIL course, offered by Keiko IKEDA, Professor/Vice-Director, Kansai University’s Institute for Innovative Global Education (IIGE) and trusted training experts.  The program is co-sponsored by the UMAP Canada National Secretariat, BC Council for International Education.

The online program will cover topics including:  Introduction to COIL, overview of technology and tools, how to find a partner, designing a course, and evaluation.  The course will take place from January 16-February 3, 2023 and will include three mandatory synchronous 90-minute classes:

  1. Thursday January 19 (4:30pm, Vancouver / 6:30pm, Mexico City / 9:30pm Santiago) / Friday January 20 (6:00am, Delhi /7:30am, Surabaya/ 8:30am, Manila / 9:30am, Tokyo)  
  2. Thursday January 26 (4:30pm, Vancouver / 6:30pm, Mexico City / 9:30pm Santiago) / Friday January 27 (6:00am, Delhi /7:30am, Surabaya/ 8:30am, Manila / 9:30am, Tokyo
  3. Thursday February 2 (4:30pm, Vancouver / 6:30pm, Mexico City / 9:30pm Santiago) / Friday February 3 (6:00am, Delhi /7:30am, Surabaya/ 8:30am, Manila / 9:30am, Tokyo) 

All interested faculty, staff, and administrators from  UMAP member institutions are invited to apply.  A maximum of 80 participants can be included in the course, therefore, we may not be able to include all applicants.  The deadline for applications is December 2, 2022. Selected applicants will be informed by December 19, 2022.
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The Phase 2 UMAP-COIL training program is a pre-requisite for anyone interested in participating in the Phase 3, course development seminar, scheduled to take place in April 2023