03-Nov-2022  Fall 2023 Application timeline now open

The Fall 2023 Program A/B Timeline is now open.  Institutions interested in participating in the Fall 2023 application cycle may upload their program offerings from now until December 7, 2022 for the first application cycle and until March 30, 2023 to participate in the second application cycle.

USCO2 will be open to student applicants and institutional nomination from December 9, 2022 to January 31, 2023 for the first application cycle and from April 3 through April 27 for the second application cycle.

For complete timeline details, please visit:  or select Timelines from the menu after you log in to USCO2.

Remember that to be eligible to send students on Program A/B exchanges, you must offer a Program A/B exchange opportunity at your institution.