27-Sep-2022  AMPEI: Asociacion Mexicana Para la Educacion Internacional “Speed Dating” Networking Opportunity

UMAP member institutions in Canada, Mexico, and the US are invited to participate in AMPEI-PIC:  The Asociacion Mexicana Para la Educacion Internacional Program for the Internationalization of Curricula.   The goal of this program is to support tri-lateral (Canada, Mexico, US) teams of faculty in Collaborative Online International Learning.  “Academic Speed Dating” sessions will take place on four dates in September and October, to help interested faculty find partners. 

During the event, participants are expected to make a short presentation of their academic background followed by a short description of the COIL component they would like to implement.  After the introduction to the session, there will be the chance for participants to introduce themselves to several small break-out rooms. This will be the space to share your ideas and find a COIL teaching partner!

Please see the image below for more details on dates and how to register to participate.