25-Aug-2022  Just one week left to upload program A/B offerings for Winter/Spring 2023

The USCO2 platform is currently open for Winter/Spring 2023 Program A/B uploads.  Some reminders:

  • All program offerings must be submitted by September 2nd! 
  • Students from your institution will only be eligible to apply for programs if you have uploaded a program A/B offering from your institution.
  • USCO2 will open for student applications and institutional nominations from September 6-October 3, 2022.
  • If a student from your institution applies for a program, you must complete your nomination of the student before the application deadline.

Please note – in order to receive system notifications of nominations or applications needing decisions, you must have a coordinator listed in the USCO system.  Please do not upload a program offering without also entering coordinator information!