You are encouraged to study abroad with UMAP because:

  1. Host universities/institutions offer various opportunities that your home institution may not have.
  2. Tuition is expected to be waived in host institutions 
  3. Credits for studies undertaken during the exchange period can be recognized by using UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS)
  4. Scholarships are offered to students of inbound/outbound Taiwan and Japan

  • Befriend with international friends
  • Chances to learn about new cultures and expand your perspectives
  • Advance your career outlook for the future
  • Chances to hone your languages
  • Lead an independent life in new countries
  • Chances to challenge yourself with new experiences

About UMAP Programs

You can watch other videos from the archives to learn more about us.

◆ Program A & B:
Multilateral/ Bilateral exchange program for 1-2 Semesters.

◆ Program C:
Short-term programs offered by UMAP member universities/institutions for 1-8 Weeks.

◆ Summer Program:
Special summer program hosted by UMAP member countries/territories each year.

This year, UMAP Discovery Camp 2021 will be hosted by UMAP China National Secretariat and Sias University, Xinzheng, Henan, China from July 19 -July 30, 2021. Details of the program and how to apply will be announced later.

UMAP-COIL – AP (Advanced Placement) Program 2021:
Details will be announced later.
Further detailed information can be found on the Programs page.


Eligibility for Program A&B (Program A&B 2021 is on haitus due to the COVID-19)

  1. Only those students whose universities/institutions have participated in this program are eligible to apply to other participating universities/institutions.
    Please confirm the list of Participating Universities/Institutions by checking the website.
  2. You must be a student currently enrolled in one of Participating universities/institution and at the time of completion of study abroad, you must still be a student of that university/institution. If you graduate from your university/institution before the end of the program, you will not be eligible to apply.
  3. A maximum of two (2) students can be nominated by each university/institution per semester (Program A); regardless, it may be possible to nominate additional students on a fee-paying basis depending on the policies of the host institutions (Program B).

Eligibility for Program C (Program C 2021 is on haitus due to the COVID-19)

Only students of UMAP Pledged Institutions are eligible to apply. Pledged Institutions (Institutions/universities that signed the UMAP Pledge of Agreement) are marked in blue in this member list.

An applicant must:
  • Students who are currently enrolled in academic institutions/universities that have signed the Pledge of Agreement.
  • Students’ Home institutions/universities are required to register their Information on the UMAP Student Connection Online (USCO) System since all transactions during the application will be performed through the system.
  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Have a good command of the Language required for each program.
  • Be physically fit to travel and able to engage in all activities.
  • Obtain a visa/permit to enter Taiwan if required.
  • Purchase international health insurance in their home country which covers both illness and accidents.

Eligibility for Summer Program 2021

To be announced later.

Application Procedures

  ◆ Application Procedures for programs A&B

  1. Visit the USCO website and register your student account.
  2. Carefully read the program details and review the programs’ contents, length, application deadline, etc. before applying.
  3. After you select your top 5 preferred institutions, submit your application and wait for your application to be approved and nominated by your home university/institution.
  4. Once your application is approved by both the UMAP International Secretariat and host institution on the system, you will then need to submit your “Study Plan” later.

Join over a million people

To join UMAP programs, you must create an account in our new online system. A variety of new different programs are available each cycle period. Select any university of your choice that’s available on our system!

  ◆Application Procedures for Program C 
To Apply, the following three steps must be completed by each deadline.

  1. REGISTRATION – Students create an account on the USCO System by registering their email address and password here. For more information about the USCO System, students can check the online manual or download the pdf file.
  2. APPLICATION – Students must complete the Application Form in the USCO System for up to three preferred programs and click “Save and Submit”. The USCO System will automatically inform the UMAP coordinators at the home university/institution that an application has been submitted. Applications will be accepted based on each Timeline.
  3. NOMINATION – Coordinators of your home institution log in to the USCO System and check the applications they have received, and nominate appropriate students by clicking “Approve”. Then your application will be sent to host institution for approval.

  ◆Application Procedures for Summer Program 2021

To be announced later.

  ◆Application Procedure for UMAP-COIL AP Program 2021

To be announced later.

Financial Aid

Certain students who study abroad through the UMAP exchange programs (Program A & B, C) are eligible to apply for UMAP Scholarships.

  ◆The UMAP Taiwan Exchange Student Scholarship Program (for Program A)
The UMAP Taiwan Exchange Scholarship Program funded by the UMAP Taiwan National Secretariat (NS) has been established to encourage university/institution student exchanges between UMAP member countries/territories, and promote cultural and academic exchanges between Taiwan and other countries/territories, fostering mutual understanding. Successful applicants of Semester-long exchange students to and from Taiwan will receive email from UMAP IS with the information of scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education (MOE). For more details, please download scholarship regulations and application form from the button below.
If you have any questions regarding this scholarship, please contact UMAP Taiwan NS. (List of UMAP NS)

  ◆UMAP SSTP (Super Short-Term Program: Program C) Scholarship Opportunity
To be announced later.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more inquiries, please refer to the  FAQ page or leave us a message at the  Contact us page.