*Please note that the application for Program A&B in 2018 has ended. Details of the application period for 2019 will be published in April 2019.


Program C

Tamkang University

New Taipei City Taiwan

Founded in 1950, Tamkang University is an elite private university with an extensive history that includes 4 campuses, 8 colleges, more than 2,100 faculty and staff members and over 24,956 students (including 1,953 overseas degree students from 72 different countries.)

In the 2018 survey of “Enterprises’ Favorite College Graduates”, Tamkang placed first among private universities in Taiwan for the 20 consecutive years. Tamkang’s success owes to its ‘Triple Objectives of Education’, which involves a focus on globalization, information and future-oriented education. Tamkang is one of the primary providers of English-taught courses in Taiwan, offering over 800 such courses in a range of academic fields; while the TKU Lanyang Campus is the only university campus in Taiwan to offer an exclusively English learning environment.

As a pioneer in private tertiary education in Taiwan, Tamkang University now enjoys a strong international standing. In 2017, Webometrics’ Ranking Web of World Universities placed Tamkang in the top 394 out of 20,000 universities worldwide. And Tamkang has been awarded the Prize of Excellence in the Evaluation of Campus Internationalization by Ministry of Education, Taiwan in 2015. 


151 Yingzhuan Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 25137

◆UMAP Contact Person

Ms. Dolly Yang
Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

◆Program Information

"2018 Tamkang Summer Program-Future Mindset and Global Business"
The Best Way to Learn Business, Taste Culture, Explore Taipei, and Experience Diversity

With the revolution of new technologies and an increasingly sophisticated market demand, Asia today faces one of the toughest challenges in 21st century. Competition in the future challenges today’s students to become leaders, equipping strong foundation in finance, global business, management, and society changes.

As one of the leading business colleges in Taiwan, Tamkang University now provides integrated course program: Business & Capital Management over Globalization preparing participants with the theoretical knowledge, management skills, and field study that are required to become successful in the future. This course features 10 lectures, and each of them offers specific focus on various fields of future mindset and global business. And Chinese Language courses will also be provided to the participants. These lectures are offered during weekdays, accommodating field study at 3 different enterprises. In addition to classroom experience and field study, students can share their perspectives with new friends from different universities during our culture trip.

We believe success is rooted in a broad experience and knowledge. In this course, participants will not only develop awareness of global dynamics and finance market, but also equip the needed skill and knowledge to meet future challenges for the better.


·Degree Level
Open to all students
·Language of Instruction
·Requirements (Language Proficiency, etc)
·Number of credits to Transfer
University Credits: 3 Credits
·Teaching Hours (Weekly)
·Independent Study Hours (weekly)
·Student's Total Workload (weekly)
·Program Fee
Accomodation Fee and Tuition Fee: USD$100
Not inculded: airfare, local transportation, airport pickup, meals and personal expense.
·Accomodation Fee
On Campus: Included in Program fee
Off Campus: N/A
·Medical / Health Insurance Fee
·Assistance for Visa Application
TKU will provide acceptance letter

◆Program Schedule

Length: 2 weeks
From: 15 July 2018
To: 29 July 2018

◆Application Period for the university

From: 1 April 2018
Until (Deadline): 15 May 2018

Application Submission Deadline to UMAP-IS: 8 May 2018