*Please note that the application for Program A&B in 2018 has ended. Details of the application period for 2019 will be published in April 2019.


Program C

Shibaura Institute of Technology (Program II)

Tokyo Japan

Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) has firmly maintained “learning through practice” as the philosophy in education of engineers ever since Tokyo Higher School of Industry and Commerce, the predecessor to SIT, was established in 1927. In response to the recent progress in the globalization of the economy, SIT is providing an up-to-date framework for “learning through practice” including intensive English Language programs, Project Based Learning programs under multicultural environment, along with many Hands-on subjects that has been preserved through SIT’s history.

SIT now aims to foster scientists and engineers who can contribute to the sustainable growth of the world by exposing our students to culturally diverse environments where they learn to cope with, collaborate with, and have ever-lasting friendships with fellow students from around the world.
3-7-5 Toyosu Koto-ku Tokyo 135-8548 Japan

◆UMAP Contact Person

Mr. Takaaki Toguchi
International Programs Initiatives Section

◆Program Information

Robots are one of the most promising technologies in the declining birthrate and aging society in the world.
Additionally, robots are also a fusion of various disciplines.
There are more or less 40 faculty members who are working on robotics-related fields at Shibaura Institute of Technology and one of those professors, Prof. Dr. Matsuhira from the department of Mechanical Engineering and Science is going to hold Summer Robotics Program focusing on Line Tracing Robot, at SIT, Tokyo.
In this program, a 6-legged robot is manufactured by all the participants and line tracing is carried out. In this process, The students can learn a series of technologies related to robots, mechanisms, electric circuits and programming. The students will be motivated.
Also, during the period, the students can have an opportinity to visit the related laboratories and open experiment inside and outside the university and learn robots widely.


·Degree Level
For 2nd year undergraduate student or higher level
·Language of Instruction
·Requirements (Language Proficiency, etc)
Students are required to understand the course taught in English, therefore preferable to have TOEFL IBT 80 or equivalent
·Number of credits to Transfer
University Credits: N/A
·Teaching Hours (Weekly)
·Independent Study Hours (weekly)
·Student's Total Workload (weekly)
106 hours
·Program Fee
JPY 110,000
*Including program tuition and housing, not including transportation, flight, meals, and any other fees related to your acticity during the program.
·Accomodation Fee
On Campus: N/A
Off Campus: N/A (Already included in the program fee)
·Medical / Health Insurance Fee
It is strongly recommended that participants have a medical/health/travel insurance from their home country.
·Assistance for Visa Application
Assistance for visa application is available if any.
·Any service or assistance
Campus tour, orientation, welcoming party will be conducted as in-campus activity

◆Program Schedule

Length: 10 days (Basically, Saturday and Sunday will be day-off)
From: 31 July 2018
To: 11 August 2018

◆Application Period for the university

From: 7 April 2018
Until (Deadline): 17 June 2018


Maximum number of participants for the Program: 12 persons
Minimum number of participants for the Program: 4 persons

Application Submission Deadline to UMAP-IS: 17 June 2018