*Please note that the application for Program A&B in 2018 has ended. Details of the application period for 2019 will be published in April 2019.


Program C

FPT International Student Exchange Center – FPT University International

Da Nang Vietnam

FPT University is the first university in Vietnam established by an enterprise. It has also been the first university of Vietnam to be awarded 3-star-ranking by the QS World University Ranking System – one among of three most well-known university ranking systems in the world. FPT University offers a broad range of study areas from Information Technology, Business Administration, Linguistics to Multimedia at the undergraduate and graduate levels. With a global mindset and pragmatic industry-oriented training programs, FPT students have achieved many impressive results: 98% FPT Students get a job after graduation; 15% FPT Students work overseas in US, Japan, England, Germany, Singapore, Australia, etc; 27% FPT Students get higher salary than the average salary.

FPT Building, Road No 1, An Don Industrial Zone, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam

◆UMAP Contact Person

Mr. Nguyen Duy Linh

◆Program Information

SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM of FPT University International include 3 different class:
- English / Business / IT Training Course;
- International Culture Exchange;
- Culture Tours .
Student can choose only 1 class among 3 classes offering in the summer camp.
The Intensive Training Course provides a chance for student to experience something different. The students can pick what interests them most whether it is Start Your Busines, Video making or Fun for Fun English. All courses are conducted in an interactive way with engaging supervisors and creative learning activities. The course includes 15 in-class training hours, and participants are expected to have lots of fun with international classmates while enjoying learning new things.

International Culture Exchange Activities are designed to allow students experience culture diversity. Plus, these activities help the students to express their own identity and perspective, for example International culture festival and Youth speak forum.

Culture Tours will include culture, language class and field trips. It is also enjoyable with strong cultural excursions throughout the program such as talking with local experts in Da Nang field trip, or cooking Pho by their own. The indoor and outdoor activities are aimed to provide stunning cultural experience of a fast growing region in South East Asia.

Housing Type: Dormitory
·Degree Level
Open to all students
·Language of Instruction
·Requirements (Language Proficiency, etc)
TOEFL iBT 61 or TOEIC 750
·Number of credits to Transfer
University Credits: 2
·Teaching Hours (Weekly)
15 Hours
·Independent Study Hours (weekly)
·Student's Total Workload (weekly)
80 Hours
·Program Fee
500 USD/ student

#1: "ASEAN Scholarship" applied for any students of ASEAN universities which values 100 USD/ student.
#2: "Vietnam young talent Scholarship" applied for any Vietnamese students of FPT & other universities in Vietnam, which values 150 USD/ student.

1.) Early bird rates: Students who register before 30th of April will automatically receive 15% discount = 75 USD/ student.
2.) Group of 3 students onward (register together, one time), each student will receive 10% discount = 50 USD/ student.
3.) Group of 5 students onward (register together, one time), each student will receive 15% discount = 75 USD/ student.
4.) for group of 10 students onward (register together, one time), each student will receive 20% discount = 100 USD/ student.

**NOTE: Discount or scholarship can only be applied one time for one student.

If a student applies to more than 1 kind of scholarship or discount at the same time, only one promotion with highest value will be considered.
·Accomodation Fee
On Campus: N/A
Off Campus: N/A
·Medical / Health Insurance Fee
Required by students
·Assistance for Visa Application
FPT University supports relevant documents for students to get visa at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate General in their home country.
Students will bear VISA application cost.

◆Program Schedule

Length: 10 days
June session: Tuesday, 19 June
July session: Tuesday, 10 July
August session: Tuesday, 14 August
June session: Thursday, 28 June
July session: Thursday, 19 July
August session: Thursday, 23 August

◆Application Period for the university

From: 1 April 2018
Until (Deadline): June session: 29 May
July session: 19 June
August session: 24 July

◆Reference Materials

Application Submission Deadline to UMAP-IS: 8 May 2018