Program A/B

Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Hanoi Vietnam

1. VNU’s HISTORY: As the first modern university established and one of the two national universities in Vietnam, VNU has undergone various stages of development: the University of Indochina established on 16 May, 1906; Vietnam National University (November, 1945); the University of Hanoi (June, 1956). In December 1993, VNU was reorganized on the basis of amalgamating the University of Hanoi and some other leading universities in Hanoi.
VNU is the largest comprehensive higher education and research center in Vietnam. VNU is entrusted with the task of producing highly qualified human resources and talents for the industrialization and modernization of the country. VNU holds a special position in Vietnam’s higher education system, operating according to a special regulation promulgated by the Prime Minister

2. VNU ‘MISSION’     
Producing high quality human resources and cultivate talents;       
Promoting advanced science, technology, renovation and knowledge transference; and  
Playing the role of a pioneer in the reforming of Vietnam’s higher education system.

One of VNU strategic tasks is to establish and develop undergraduate and graduate programs to meet international standards, which ultimately transforms VNU into a research university center, reaching international standards. This will help to improve Vietnam’s scientific, technological and socio-economic basis


144 Xuan Thuy - Cau Giay district- Hanoi City- Vietnam
(84) 0243 7547670 ext 505
country code-8-437547724

◆UMAP Contact Person

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Le Thi Thu Thuy (Deputy director)
Department of Academic Affairs
(Vietnam National University Hanoi)

◆Regular Academic Calendar

·First Semester
From: 20 August 2018 (time is subject to change depending on schedule of each member university)
To: 30 December 2018 (time is subject to change depending on schedule of each member university)
·Second Semester
From: 1 January 2019 (time is subject to change depending on schedule of each member university)
To: 30 June 2019 (time is subject to change depending on schedule of each member university)

◆Semester Load in Credits/Units

·Minimum 15 Credits
·Maximum Not limited

◆General Timetable and Requirements for Graduation

·Total Number of Credits Needed for Graduation

120 credits (Minimum)

·Number of Years Typically Needed to Complete Undergraduate Program

4 years (average). Student will graduate when they earn enough required credit of their program.

◆List of Study Programs that are open for International Exchanges

- Refer to the sheet of name of programs and courses are taught in English
- Teaching language: in English
- Language proficiency: IELTS 5.5 (at least) or equivalent
- GPA: 2.8/4.0 (at least)


1. University of Science:

2. University of Language and International Studies:

3. University of Economics and Business:

4. University of Engineering and Technology:

5. University of Social Sciences and Humanities)

6. International School:

◆Exchange- Related Information

·Exchange Duration
1 semester or 2 semester (up to 1 year)
·Language Proficiency Requirements
IELTS 5.5 (for minimum)
·Instruction Facilities and Other Supports

Free of charge for Dorm at VNU campus, Students just pay for electric, water, internet, cleaning fee

Home stay:


Off Campus Assistance:

Students will be supported by a staff tutor or student mentor

·Medical Insurance
Yes, students are served Medical insurance for students like VNU students
·Visa Process
The university will support students to apply for visa

Application Submission Deadline: 
Semester 1: Mid June
Semester 2: Mid October