Program A/B

Universidad Internacional

Cuernavaca México

Universidad Internacional (UNINTER) is a small private university in which offers their students and international students who come from all around the world the opportunity to build global competences required for today’s professional world.
Our mission is to promote, manage and lead programs that develop linguistic and intercultural competences on students, faculty and staff. These competences improve the quality and educational pertinence to form responsible citizens capable of joining the global workforce.
San Jerónimo 304, Col. San Jerónimo, C.P. 62179 Cuernavaca, Morelos.
0052 1 777 317 10 87 (exts- 102, 158, 210, 118)

◆UMAP Contact Person

Mr. Javier Noriega Gonzáles

◆Regular Academic Calendar

·First Semester
From: 16 January 2018
To: 2 June 2018
·Second Semester
From: 16 August 2018
To: 16 December 2018

◆Semester Load in Credits/Units

·Minimum 24 credits (Mexico)/16 ECTS/9 credits (US)
·Maximum 42 credits (Mexico)/30 ECTS/18 credits (US)

◆General Timetable and Requirements for Graduation

·Total Number of Credits Needed for Graduation

336 credits (Mexico)

·Number of Years Typically Needed to Complete Undergraduate Program

4 years

◆List of Study Programs that are open for International Exchanges

All programs are taught in Spanish but there is a list of courses taught in English.

Division of Humanities and International Studies
Undergraduate in:
Communication, Communication and Public Relations, International Relations, International Relations and Political Sciences, Languages, Organizational Psychology, Pedagogy, Psychology

Division of Engingeering Sciences, Architecture and Design
Undergraduate in:
Animation and Digital Design, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fashion Design and International Trends, Graphic Design, Industrial Chemical Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering and Quality Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering.

Division of Administration and Social Sciences
Undergraduate in:
Accounting, Administration and Marketing, Business Management, Economy and Finances, Foreign Commerce, International Business Management, International Relations and Economy, Law, Marketing, Marketing and Publicity, Political Sciences and Public Management, Touristic Business Management"

◆Exchange- Related Information

·Exchange Duration
One semester up to one year
·Language Proficiency Requirements
For English and Spaniosh classes B1 or above.
·Instruction Facilities and Other Supports
1 Library
6 Computer Labs
1 Language Lab
1 Medical Center
1 Silk-screening workshop
1 Audiovisual Media, TV and Radio Center
1 Biology, Physics and Chemistry Lab
2 Industrial Engineering Workshop
4 Specialized Rooms for Architecture and Design Students
*The facilities are not adapted for people with special needs."


Home stay:

$25-$35 (USD/ day)

Off Campus Assistance:

We provide assistance to find apartment
(Rent for a room: 100-150 USD/ Month)

·Medical Insurance
Students need international medical insurance before arrival to Mexico
·Visa Process
Please check with the International Affairs office to see if the student need a visa or not

Application Submission Deadline: 15 November 2017