Program A/B

Otaru University of Commerce

Otaru, Hokkaido Japan

The Only National University of Commerce in Japan
Founded in 1910, Otaru University of Commerce (OUC or Shodai) is and has been a center of social sciences and humanities in northern Japan.  Reflecting its history of having been establised as Otaru Higher Commercial School, the university has been emphasizing the link between theory and practice, in addition to its solid academic foundation.  Its strength in foreign language education is a consequence of this pracctical attitude.  For Both business and Academc activities, practical ability in foreign languages is critically important.
Among its Global Education Programs, the “YOUC Program,” a one year comprehensive program is designed for international students who wish to study in Japan with Japanese students and/or to take economics and business courses offered in the English language.
No Japanese language skills are required to join the program, and various Japanese language courses are offered for students in all levels from elementary to advance.
Midori 3-5-21, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-8501 Japan

◆UMAP Contact Person

Professor Tomoya Matsumoto (Program Coordinator)
Glocal Education Division, Center for Glocal Strategy

◆Regular Academic Calendar

·First Semester
From: 27 September2018 (Some courses run in half a semester = Quarter)
To: 08 February 2019 (Some courses run in half a semester = Quarter)
·Second Semester
From: 06 April 2019 (Some courses run in half a semester = Quarter) (Tentative)
To: 03 August 2019 (Some courses run in half a semester = Quarter) (Tentative.)

◆Semester Load in Credits/Units

·Minimum 15
·Maximum 40

◆General Timetable and Requirements for Graduation

·Total Number of Credits Needed for Graduation


·Number of Years Typically Needed to Complete Undergraduate Program


◆List of Study Programs that are open for International Exchanges

YOUC (Year at Otaru University of Commerce) Program

◆Exchange- Related Information

·Exchange Duration
One or Two Semesters
·Language Proficiency Requirements
English: TOEFL 550 or above
·Instruction Facilities and Other Supports
Student Life Supports are available upon requests.

On-campus "International House" is likely secured for the YOUC program students

Home stay:


Off Campus Assistance:


·Medical Insurance
The Japanese National Health Insurance is mandatory for all the inbound students.
·Visa Process
Supported from the International Office

Application Submission Deadline: 10 April (for October intake), and 10 October (for April intake)