Program A/B

CTBC Business School

Tainan Taiwan

CTBC Business School is a young and vibrant institution locates in Tainan, a historical southern city of Taiwan. We are a four-year school fully established in September 2015 by CTBC Financial Holding Group, one of the largest financial groups in Taiwan, with over 100 overseas financial outlets and branches around the world.

With the partnership, CTBC Business School provides a practical curriculum concentrated in finance, business law, and management, and keeps up with the current trends from the banking industry, also specializes in Big Data, Sports Analytics, and Artifical Intelligence. Our goal is to cultivate and make sure our students strive their best to pave their ways of becoming successful business leaders.
No. 600, Section 3rd, Taijiang Boulevard, Annan District, 709

◆UMAP Contact Person

Ms. Victoria Chang
International Center

◆Regular Academic Calendar

·First Semester
From: 10 September 2018 (Fall Semester)
To: 11 January 2019
·Second Semester
From: 18 February 2019 (Spring Semester)
To: 21 June 2019

◆Semester Load in Credits/Units

·Minimum 2 courses
·Maximum 8 courses

◆General Timetable and Requirements for Graduation

·Total Number of Credits Needed for Graduation

128 credits for Undergraduate program

·Number of Years Typically Needed to Complete Undergraduate Program

4 years

◆List of Study Programs that are open for International Exchanges

Undergraduate Program - Banking & Finance (Instructed in English)
Graduate School - MBA in Finiancial Management (Instructed in English)

◆Exchange- Related Information

·Exchange Duration
1 semester or 1 academic year
·Language Proficiency Requirements
We recommend students to have minimum English proficiency for daily communication and classes.
The suggested levels of English is: TOEFL iBT 61, IELTS 5.0, TOEIC 670, or other valid proof for English skills.
·Instruction Facilities and Other Supports
Scholarship for exchange students who are willing to participate in language and cultural program; free weekly Mandarin lesson; gym

On-campus dormitory of 4-bed room is available for all international students

Home stay:


Off Campus Assistance:


·Medical Insurance
Before entering Taiwan, all exchange students are responsible to purchase their own insurance in home country, and must provide a proof (in English) of accident and medical insurance that are valid for the entire exchange period in Taiwan.
·Visa Process
Students are responsible obtaining proper and valid visa for entering Taiwan on their own, and the offical admission documents will be issued by CTBC Business School after acceptance. - Visitor Visa for one semester - Resident Visa for two semesters

Application Submission Deadline: October for spring, and April for Fall